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RFIDAeroCheck on App Store

ASD is pleased to announce that the RFIDAeroCheck iOS App has been approved for distribution on the App Store and will be available for download by 16th/17th May. RFIDAeroCheck will also be available on Google Play and Windows Store later this month.

The handheld solutions within RFIDAero support iOS, Android & Windows and are available on numerous devices including handheld computers, smartphones, phablets, tablets and tough pads.

ASD specialise in the development and implementation of mission-critical applications based on the latest RFID technology which are specifically designed for the Aerospace and Aviation market sectors. ASD's solutions are standards-based, GS1-Certified, and SPEC2000-Compliant.

RFIDAeroCheck is a complete solution for airlines that allows for the tracking and management of all rotable and other life-limited components on board the entire airline fleet.

For more information and to organise a demonstration please contact us using the links below
or call +353 1 206 0011.

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