tracking and monitoring movement of items that are RFID-tagged

RFIDAeroTrack is the latest product offering in the RFIDAero suite of software solutions from Aerospace Software Developments. RFIDAeroTrack tracks and monitors the movement of items that are RFID-tagged within a fixed-reader environment or with the use of RFID handheld scanners. Information for all tracked items is stored centrally on an RFIDAeroTrack server ensuring all data, for all RFID-tagged items, can be shared both internally and externally with the relevant personnel.

RFIDAeroTrack provides the facility to monitor any number of items based upon user-defined entity types and locations. Items to be managed by RFIDAeroTrack can be grouped together based on airline requirements and tracked by location area, location type or to the actual location level.

  •   All aircraft components including rotables, repairables and other life limited items
  •   Consumable and Expendable parts
  •   Assets
  •   Tools location and calibration
  •   Staff, such as mechanics, cabin crew, administration, etc.
  •    Paper documentation
  • With each implementation, airlines suggest additional items to be tracked the list is always growing...

Once items are RFID-tagged and known to the RFIDAeroTrack system, they are automatically monitored as they move within the fixed reader environment. Movement of high value components from one location to another, allocation of tools to a mechanic, staff clock in / clock out, tracking of paper documents are all now possible without the need for data to be manually entered to a system. Transactions that users forgot to enter to the system become a thing of the past. In addition, handheld scanning allows for tracking of items at a more granular level or where fixed readers are not in place. This allows for a gradual transition from the existing paper and manual stock checks to the world of RFID at a pace acceptable to the airline.

If unexpected or unauthorised movements occur, the system will issue alerts within a defined timeframe to the appropriate personnel via e-mail or text message to highlight the movement.

Association between different types of tracked items within the system is also allowed. This provides the concept of ownership or assigns responsibility for one type of tracked item to another type of tracked item, e.g. assignment of iPads to pilots or issuing of tools to mechanics. This solution, updated without keyboard entry or mouse movement, what we refer to as "Transparent Data Collection", provides complete traceability of tracked items that are RFID-tagged and allows for data captured within RFIDAeroTrack to be shared with other systems implemented within your company.

RFIDAeroTrack will provide airlines with traceability and visibility of staff, stock and all RFID-tagged items. Using industry standards and compliant with the ATA Spec2000 standard, RFIDAeroTrack provides data that can be shared internally within the airline, data that can be interfaced to airline systems and data that can be shared externally with selected suppliers. Standing on the foundation of such industry standards allows airlines to avoid customization of any kind with suppliers. The benefits of this solution will be far reaching and in all areas of the airline industry going forward.

The server module allows for the definition of all items that are to be tracked within the fixed-reader and handheld environments. Fully configurable data output reports can be scheduled or provided upon demand identifying the locations of items, associations and rule-based alerts.

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