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RFIDAero User Group Conference in Chicago

The 2018 RFIDAero User Group Conference will be hosted in Chicago by United Airlines on the 17th and 18th of October.

This year’s conference will see a cross-section of RFIDAero users from airlines, OEMs and component manufacturers as well as RFID tag and hardware manufacturers.

There will be presentations from several airlines that are existing RFIDAero users who will demonstrate their use of RFIDAero and the status of their paperless maintenance projects as well as other ongoing projects.

ASD will present the latest features of RFIDAero and discuss how new features can be enabled or disabled within the product so that each Airline has control over their product configuration.

There will also be discussions on industry standards & IATA in addition to presentations from RFID tag and hardware suppliers.

About ASD
Based in Dublin, Ireland, Aerospace Software Developments (ASD) specialise in the development and implementation of mission-critical solutions based on the latest RFID technology, which are specifically designed for the Aerospace and Aviation market sectors. All ASD’s RFIDAero solutions are ATA Spec2000 compliant and GS1 / EPC accredited and comply with the GS1 EPC Tag Data Standard.

If you’d like more information on our RFIDAero suite of business solutions, please contact Dave Browne or Steve Breen at +353 1 2060011 or at the email address below.

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